Tips to Take Better Product Photos

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In this short post, we are going to give some of our tips to take better product photos in your studio:

Use a Neutral Backdrop

The purpose of a product photo is to highlight the product itself, not the scenery behind it. Always try to use a neutral backdrop, like a white cloth, so that the product doesn’t get overpowered by anything else in the image. This doesn’t mean that you can’t try anything else, but just be sure that the actual product is the main subject of your photo.

Use Soft Lighting

Soft lighting is very important for taking good product photos. Harsh light will cause strong shadows to be casted upon the product, altering the way it looks considerably. You need to show the product as accurately as possible, and an ambient soft light will help you do that.

Try Some Creativity

Some kind of products can also be photographed with some creative backdrops. For example, you can use a mirror as the base on which your product is placed for a more interesting image. Other ways to add some creativity to your shots is by trying out different perspectives. You can take an image from the top, or go low.

Using different colored lights can also give a different look to your image. You can even take your product outside and place it in a natural environment. Just remember that whatever you do, your product should ideally remain in its accurate state and not look very different from what it actually is.