May 2017

Photo studio

Ukrainian photo studio “Sherengovski”

Organizer of Sher Productions Photo Studio is Photobank Deposit photos which made decision to launch creative space in Kiev with idea to help the formation of active Ukrainian photo community. Photographers from the whole world who come in Kiev will feel as at home in their professional photo studio. According to the organizers, the studio has become a major hub for Ukrainian photographers – educational center and the main platform for photographic events.

Mykhailo Myhovych, photographer: I’d like to see Ukrainians show respect to our soldiers and not to unscrupulous money-spinners.  The studio might have  is a workspace to take, develop, print and duplicate photographs. Photographic training and the display of finished photographs may also be accommodated in a photographic studio. The studio may have a darkroom, storage space, a studio proper where photographs are taken, a display room and space for other related work. The dark and illustrative work is a major goal accomplished by few renowned photographers only.

The studio space offers you more room to spread out your creativity. The ready made sets might seem interesting and it would also mean less setup time. The themes are on rotation and corresponding to the season or ongoing talk. The spectacular wide offering is one of the main attraction of this studio. It gives out the ideal feel of a perfect Ukrainian home. A guide through all the equipments or basically hiring out could be an easy option too. As they are know for their home-feel, its mandatory to be a part of their culture and follow the decency. Additional permission has to be taken for on boarding props other than the one provided. Sharp and real objects to be avoided. The lighting and architecture just adds to the over all serenity!